Horoscopes: Spring 2018



Happy birthday, happy solar return! The sun’s energy is intensifying every day, and new opportunities abound for you. Excited (or scared!) as you might be, simmer down about it – no, really. You learned some logistical lessons recently, and with Mercury entering retrograde any day now, it’s time to hold your tongue for once and take a few deep breaths. You’re looking for a reorientation – spring will do that for anyone – but at risk of being terribly misunderstood. Listen to the people around you, let them weigh in or even lend you a hand before you take any risks – friends are an important creative resource.


You work through things slowly – remember this! Even (or, let’s be real, especially) with the sun entering hasty Aries, take a minute to really convince yourself you’re heading in the right direction before taking off. Use this energy to hit the gym or grind out some concrete benefits for yourself: just because you’re not quite ready to hit the road and make a commitment doesn’t mean you can’t put some work in just positioning yourself for growth, preparing for later. This season, spend your time and money on you and the luxuries that benefit you, and by the time it’s your turn in the spotlight you’ll be feeling comfortable and grounded.


You don’t want to be wearing shoes - take a big stretch, dig your toes into the ground. It feels like the time to be moving forward, so do! Just keep that momentum with the things you’ve already started, letting them grow. This Mercury retrograde it’ll be harder than usual to make yourself understood, so give the people around you due attention; see what happens when you leave room for more to be said. We’re all coming out of hibernation, and old friends with words of guidance are popping up like daisies. Like any flower, pay your respects before gathering your spoils – give the people around you due attention. By the time mercury lets you relax, you’ll be ready to resume your role as orator on the stage you’ve set for yourself.


Are you feeling at home in your skin? Pisces season dredged something up for you, and it would benefit us all to remember that the payoff of tough emotional work can be just as daunting as the undertaking. Dedicate some compassion and sensitivity to yourself in the coming month, and once you've adjusted to these new surroundings and you’ll be back to showing off your softness in no time. Keep an eye on the way you express your feelings during Mercury retrograde, especially in intimate relationships, and don’t fancy yourself any kind of mind-reader: be up-front, ask questions, and when Taurus season rolls around your powers of intuition will be well-rested.


You’re riding a real wave lately, Leo – making good on personal commitments, extending yourself for the people close to you, and feeling kind of starstruck by your own selflessness. Keep that fiery pride with you as you move into Mercury retrograde -- when it feels like reciprocation is lacking, the confidence that you can show up for yourself will keep your esteem spiteful and high. The full moon in Libra at the end of the month is a good opportunity for you to help others weigh things in their own lives, and for their gratitude to fuel you: use your expertise to help friends forge their way forward. Know-how and follow-through are always a good look.


You’ve been cleaning out emotional drawers lately, Virgo – hard work pays, if you make sure to dot the I’s and cross your T’s. Keep up your analytical momentum by assessing what’s been occupying your thoughts: pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. Take stock of where you stand with yourself. Make a little project out of what you discover, but remember to be as compassionate as you are critical of yourself - this isn’t an exercise in getting yourself down, however tempting that is. Stay especially flexible in your expectations of yourself (and others) while Mercury’s in retrograde and minor complications are the norm.


Things are going to get a bit off-kilter during mercury retrograde for you, Libra, and you aren’t the most securely situated sign to begin with. Whatever affinity you have for firm rulings is further diminished this go-round, so put off big decisions and impulse buys alike until things in the heavens calm down a bit. The good news is, there’s a full moon all yours coming up, and your running dialogue will be more magnetic than ever. If you’ve been hung up working out details for the last while, get ready to make the big moves: pitch something, strike up a conversation – active thoughts ask for action, and this’ll be the time, especially if relying on your charm to spark someone else’s favour.


The well is deep, Scorpio. You've been gazing into your emotions like a scrying pool lately. What is it that's got you tied up in your thoughts? Write it all down. No, really - something’s been coming up from the depths and as it stands currently, your friends are in the splash zone. Try channelling the waves somewhere private and reflective, like a journal, where it's okay for things to get a little soggy until the end of the month. By the time the full moon in Libra revives your appetite for drama, you’ll be ready to serve some hard-won tea to friends. They might read some answers for you in the dregs.


Being all over the map is old hat for you, Sag, but feeling the fallout? Understandably unfamiliar - you usually have the gusto for all kinds of globetrotting. It's time to contemplate the positives of staying home for a while, particularly if there’s work that needs to be done near your foundation. That doesn't mean you gotta take a break though – you’ve been working hard, and we all know that necessitates playing hard. Have a $13 cocktail! Go to a local show! Saskatchewan is your oyster; have some fun when the moon slides into Libra. Everyone knows you deserve it, and you know it best.


Work, home, play – the most important spheres of your life have been weighing on you. Where do you find the time? Where have you found the time before? Honestly, where does anyone find the time? It feels impossible to have it all, to identify with the people around you who seem to. Let yourself rest – relax into life as much as you can without finding it an obligation. Mercury retrograde could leave you mired in paperwork and relationship headaches, but keep your cool. It’s hard when it looks easier for everyone else, but your sense of humor and strong bonds will get you through like they always do. You already trust the changes coming are for the best, whatever hangups and long nights accompany them.


Mercury is going to be moving backward through your sign, Aquarius, and you’re feeling similarly scrambled. Pisces season already wasn’t easy for you – your stream of consciousness doesn’t really do “dreamy”. Let the forge of the sun in Aries keep you focused and away from aimless tinkering and empty conversation alike. You need some time to come back to baseline. Remember what your priorities are, and keep your cool when the people around you remember theirs. Be extra direct in your language, and say what you mean. By the time the moon hits Libra, you’ll be feeling more clear headed and into the idea of airing your thoughts over appetizers, some low-impact mingling among respected peers.


As the sun slides out of your sign into Aries, you might be feeling like no one’s on your level anymore. But your talent is special – it isn’t easy for everyone else to live a daydream, and it isn’t exactly easy for you to stay there either. Anticipate some fogginess at the hands of Mercury, and channel your reflections into art or writing - something that doesn’t ask to be immediately understood. And you know, there’s something to be said for the surface as much as the depths. Reacquaint yourself with favourite platitudes, give concrete advice to those who ask, and find magic in the most basic of pleasantries. The myriad of ways in which we relate to each other are our greatest gift.


Sabrina Materie has been waking up early to look at the stars for as long as she can remember. You can follow her on instagram @materies.