Horoscopes: Summer 2018

Photo by Kaitlin Wong

Photo by Kaitlin Wong


You’ve raised a lot of dust in your life recently, Aries, and look so good juggling all the pieces that you’ve got everyone (including yourself) convinced it’s under control. And the thing is, it probably is - you are in the mood for somewhat unconventional tactics these days. Following your instincts got you into this position, and if you keep it up, it’ll all get handled somehow. You know it’s this erratic draw towards the next thing that sustains you, but are you aware how much you inspire the people around you? Remember you can always enlist friends to collaborate, on either your projects or their aftermath - they never mind the opportunity to pitch in with a little labor where your achievements are concerned. 


You’ve been so interested in things you can't see lately. Have you considered it’s a quest for something to curl up in, the one thing that’ll put you at ease in the world? It sounds like a tall order (which it is) but you stand a pretty good chance of sussing it out if you ask the right questions of yourself and the people around you. While the moon is in Libra, believe you can learn something from the stories people tell you about themselves - this feeling isn’t as rare as you might think. In the coming weeks, you’ll get what attention you ask for. Just remember the spirit of your search, and consider the repercussions of letting your ego interfere too much with negotiations around your personal life and work.  


It’s been fun, Gemini, but I suspect you’re feeling as out of your depth as the rest of us, especially as the sun turns to introspective Cancer. If you need to duck out and take stock for a second, go for it - and take the opportunity to be direct about your boundaries for once, too. Things are always changing - you know this best! - so talk to your friends about restoration, and take interest in your own cycles. The compassion you show people in your life would be right at home applied to yourself over the next few weeks, too. You know how the tide works? Periods of activity follow from periods of rest but all of it is movement, two sides of the same coin. Consider a new altar dedicated to resurgence and spend time outside while the leaves are fully unfurled.


Always ruled by the moon, you know to expect that the waves get a little higher this season. But don’t assume the knowing makes it any easier to ride, especially with the emotional hangover of Gemini season still riding your heels. Luckily for you, the new moon a few weeks from now gives you the perfect opportunity to check in on your moods and intuition. Think about balancing your strong internal experience with the more banal parts of daily life this month; feeling a conflict between your daily activities and your values isn’t comfortable or sustainable for you. Enter into conversations with your close relations about bringing your philosophies more concretely into your life, and use their gentle reflections to check in with yourself along the way.


I know, Leo, it feels like everything under the sun has happened to you already this year. Has any area of your life gone unscathed? Don’t discount the impact of it all. Luckily for you, it’s the season for nurturing and home-making, and the changes that come over the next month will give you a good opportunity to structure the little projects that counteract all that upheaval. Still, resist the urge to overcommit to overhauling your entire life, and be open about what bandwidth you’re working with. Let your loved ones pitch in where they can - you’ve been giving it your all lately where close relationships are concerned, new and old, and their perspectives are yours to make use of. 


Your ruminations have been tinged with emotion lately - what’s that about? As we’re entering Cancer season, remember to contend with fantasies up-front before they end up taking over your mental. You can use this weird new intuition to take a look at the people around you and see if you’re holding unrealistic expectations of them. That said, you are looking for quality over quantity in your communications with others this month and expect authenticity from people (as you should!). You aren’t one to censor yourself to avoid hurting feelings - it might not sound like a considerate approach all the time, but you deserve the same honesty from others.


Cancer season kicks off with the moon all yours, Libra, and you know how exciting it is to recognize your own charm bubbling up in the people around you. You won’t have a shortage of conversational games to play in the next few weeks, your favourite form of give and take in the name of a good time. Whether you feel up to performing for others or just interested in attending a reading, find time to participate in your community too. For the next few weeks, things feel extra magnificent - the perfect mood for your solstice. You’re no stranger to extravagance, but - in the interest of an easier comedown - don’t let your ego get too invested. 


Things might have slowed down for you a bit on paper, but new occupations never stop bubbling up, do they? You’ve got a new project, creative pursuit, or love interest - if not all three - contributing some amount of erratic energy right now. But you know, there’s nothing wrong with that; take the energy you can get, as long as you step back every once in a while to make sure it’s under control. It might not be as easy to keep an eye on during Cancer season, but it’ll be fine - you’re always moving on to the next thing anyway. This month, let other people in on your feelings (yes, the real feelings)  and the distance you’re feeling in some of your relationships will evaporate.


This month, you’re all about figuring out how to be comfortable. It might take a change of pace or location - nothing new for you - but the good thing about always being on the move is the opportunity to settle anew. Paint your walls or something! And in the process, consider the boundaries you have in place in your home life - if you’ve been feeling cramped or infringing on your family’s space, some revision might be in order. Just remember to collaborate (intuiting the needs of others isn’t always your strong suit) and keep your own personal space in mind too - after all, no one keeps up with you like you do. 


If you’ve been feeling fed up with yourself lately, remember that kind of frustration is as old hat to you as the urge towards self-improvement - you, Capricorn, are at least willing to do something about it. Use this dissatisfaction less to unfairly harangue yourself and more to solve little discrepancies between your life and your dream world one room at a time, like a home reno. Talk to a partner or a close friend about it - they’ll challenge your perceptions of yourself, and you should let them! The last few months have been the opposite of stagnant, however easy it is for you to see it that way. There’s a higher transformation coming, and self-doubt is one of the only things holding you back from making big waves in your life.


You’ve got a lot to deal with this year, Aquarius - not only have your relationships to the people close to you changed, but your relationship to your community and world in general. No wonder you’re coping with shifts in your self-concept, too. Understanding yourself is no small task on the daily, and recent challenges are making that especially clear, but this month try cozying up to the home you have in yourself. Maybe it feels more like a lava lamp than a home, with all these indistinct moving parts, but doesn’t that make for a more interesting investigation? It’s an undertaking best done with others who can help you strategize around this new territory, and who want the best for you as you are. 


The pieces of your life finally seem to fitting together, and you’ve found a lot of clarity in this new position. It’s well deserved! How best can you direct your energy in this new landscape? Consider taking the opportunity to manage your boundaries - especially the professional ones, something that’s lapsed before. Communicate thoughtfully with the people around you, and give them the benefit of belief that they’re coming from a position of kindness (as used as you might be to assuming otherwise). It’s easy to make negative judgements, but with practice you’ll find it’s easier than you think - and then extend the same hard-won compassion to yourself.