Perdue: Ralph Crawford

Photo by Jennifer Sparrowhawk (c.2016)

Photo by Jennifer Sparrowhawk (c.2016)

Hailing from New Brunswick, Ralph Crawford moved to the prairies in 2004, and has been open for business in the tiny community of Perdue ever since. We visited his shop, Crawford’s Used Books, back in 2016 and had the pleasure of getting to know Ralph a bit.

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KC: What is your day job?

I operate a bookstore of used and collectible books.

KC: What is important to you?

In the realm of my everyday work: the preservation of literature and rare books is important. In the area of eternity: Christianity and salvation is most important.

KC: What do you like most and least about living in Perdue?

I like the people. It is a very friendly community to live in. I can’t really think of what I like least -except in the Fall,  I miss the fresh apples I used to get in New Brunswick. Other than that I find Perdue a very fine community to live in. I enjoy it.

KC: (from the Proust Questionnaire) Who are your favourite heroes of fiction?

W.O. Mitchell’s Jake and the Kid. I always thought he (Mitchell) had a pretty good handle on small town Saskatchewan , small town Canada in general really. I always liked his work.