Gif by Ian Campbell

Gif by Ian Campbell

If you didn't know 

I'm a woman of Color

my snowy white skin is splattered with dirt 

The sun loved me too much so it gave me a hug 

I took so many chocolates so it reflects on my skin

I am the pancake that was left on too long 

I am the ginger bread cookie that came out just right

Golden brown

I am the color of the beginning of earth 

Before humans stepped foot on the ground 

I was the ground 

I am the color of  ash wood that you cut down to make books 

I am the color of the roots beneath a blooming rose 

I have no place in the sky with the primary colors 

But down here well I'm alive  

I am the color of the darkest night 

Where dreams visit me before the dawn of light 

I am the golden speck in the eye of brown eyes Who never They never thought they were special 

Until the sun hit them just right

I'm the color of hot cocoa after a hard day of work 

Making friends with sweet marshmallows and the occasional crisp donuts

I'm the color of a eagles feather 

A owls , freshly shaved wood 

My color is the scent of musky muscularity 

Of a story or myth that has not yet crossed our ears 

But lives inside our hearts 

Just like how my ancestors feel in love with the sun 

And painted their skin with the natural pigment of mother earth 

Just like the tree gives ways to the leaves 

Never forgetting the kindness of the air 

Yet wallowing in its glory

So will I 

I am not part of the color of a rainbow 

But gosh darn it 

 both ends of the rainbow will always touch me 

I am the color of life 


Particles soon forgotten 

Stories , cultures. 

I was kissed by the sun before I was born 

And will return to the earth to blend with nature 

My body will help begin a new cycle 

My color will always continue to be seen 

So before you ask where I'm really from? 

Ask yourself where i haven't been ( be serious) (sassy) 

What other color would correspond with every shade 

Only to be forgotten and mistrusted 

Only going harder

Only making love with the sky and cloud over the horizon

I like to think that my skin was sculpted from rock

A word I never thought to associate myself with

But thank God I realized that earth was not born in two days 

So my skin will always be outdoing itself

Now you know 

I am a woman of color 

That does not mean I'm perfect 

But I am part of the rainbow 

featuresPeace Akintade