Regina, Treaty 4: Amy Weisgarber


(Photo credit: Zoë Schneider)

Amy runs a vintage and vinyl pop-up shop with her husband Tim. 

KC: How did you get into the vintage game?

AW: My business partner and husband, Tim Weisgarber and I have always been collectors, so naturally our home is a haven for all the brilliant items you may find at thrift stores, garage and estate sales. We’ve always talked about opening up a vintage record and clothing shop, though it always seemed like fantasy. Then one day last year, we thought why not just do it small scale pop-up style, and that seemed do-able. We then had the excuse to go on many road trips to build our inventory. We’ve now developed a good following in town, are growing our website and will be rolling out online shops this spring!

KC: What are the best aspects of doing what you do? What are the challenges?

AW: The best part of this business is having the greatest partner to work side-by-side with. We’ve turned a hobby and passion into a business; we have a great balance of skills and motivate each other. It also gives us both an excuse to be creative which is a necessity for our lives. The biggest challenge is to keep our day jobs and also find the time to devote to the business. I am so thankful we can fit in both.

KC: In what other ways are you creative?

AW: I’ve always been interested in photography and design work. I’m working on developing my skills through T+A as well at my day job at the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region Health Sciences Library.

KC: What is important to you?

AW: Staying connected to the people and activities that bring me joy.

KC: What do you like best about Regina? What do you like least?

AW: The best part of Regina is the people. I’ve been here 7 years and the community is why I’ve stayed to build my life in this place. It’s a very encouraging, supportive and approachable community. I’m proud of how the city is currently growing culturally and how everyone I know is embedded in interesting and creative projects. We also have a burgeoning vintage scene which is exciting to be a part of. The thing I miss the most is all the proper new wave dance nights that you may find in larger centres.

KC: (from Proust Questionnaire) What is your motto?

AW: Live to ride, ride to kill.