Regina, treaty 4: Keiffer Mclean

photo by Zoe Schneider, intro by Jen Eisler

photo by Zoe Schneider, intro by Jen Eisler

Having just moved back from Toronto, I first heard Keiffer Mclean in the fall of 2013. I was encouraged by a local musician to check out Keiffer’s upcoming video release party for “Headful of Diamonds” at The Artful Dodger. I remember being completely blown away. First of all, I love me some baritone vocals, and second, Keiffer’s crafty, whimsical lyrics reminded me faintly of my two favs, Marc Bolan and Robyn Hitchcock. Seeing amazing potential, I eagerly approached Keiffer to work publicity on his upcoming debut album release. The campaign was a tremendous success for Keiffer, and provided me with the nudge I was looking for to work towards creating my own boutique company. Keiffer’s caliber continues to melt my mind. He’s a brilliant young wizard worth getting to know. Thanks so much to Kindred Cities for featuring Keiffer this week!

KC: What kinds of projects are you involved in right now?

Currently I’m doing some underground recording with a buddy of mine. I’m experimenting with writing in studio. It’s been a great exercise. Having the tools to juggle so many ideas and sounds at once has opened up the process quite a bit. Besides that, I am saving money for a livable van so that I can take off this winter to the states; where I can do some writing for my next release.

KC: What’s your day job?

During some of my days I work as a commercial photographer’s assistant. There are many things I love about this job. One being the opportunity to explore the idea of light and dark; something that fascinates me lately. Learning about how to light a shoot has been one of the most broadly applicable skills I have endeavoured this year. One of the biggest challenges of this job is detaching ones own artistic urges in order to create vicariously through the vision of the photographer. This is hard for me, but particularly rewarding when new insight is gained.

KC: What is important to you?

Nothing is really important.

KC: What do you like most/least about living in Regina?

My favourite thing about Regina is its zero degrees of separation.There are so many different crowds, yet they all overlap in a really noteworthy way. My least favourite thing is how early everything closes. I wish there were more things to do at night time that didn’t involve stuffing your gullet or drinking or being in a loud place. I’d like to enjoy a nightlife atmosphere that is conducive to having great conversations. I find that shit just gets loud after 8, which is cool sometimes, but we need to strive for a better balance.

KC: What is your impression of Saskatoon?

Saskatoon is still pretty unfamiliar to me. I have some good friends and family there. That’s always a good sign. Mostly I just think of the music groups I have ties to like “Mario Lepage” and ‘Wolfenrabbits,” Seems like another Saskatchewan town with a supportive and well connected arts scene, to me.

(From Proust Questionnaire) What is your motto?

“Up is down is high is low is bliss; a smart man knows this, and that he is equally stupid.” -Keiffer McLean

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