Saskatoon, Treaty 6: Rachel Fowlie-Neufeld

photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk

photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk

They say shared experience bonds us to one another. One could go further and say the more intense the experience the stronger the bond. If that is the case me and Rachel may be friends for life after seeing Tanya Tagaq together in February.

Keep your eyes peeled for concert dates as this chanteuse is about to go on tour!

KC: What kinds of projects are you involved in right now?

RF: Fern is my main project. Right now I’m getting ready to go on a solo tour of Saskatchewan/Alberta and release a new single. After that I need to start writing for a new album.

I’m also involved with the Sound and Silence Collective, an independent label in Saskatoon.

KC: What’s your day job? What do you like about it? What’s challenging?

RF: I work as an administrative assistant in the industrial area. On a good day I like the sense of order that comes with working in an office. It might be weird, but I like separating carbon copies and organizing them into piles. Also, I like getting paid cause shit’s expensive and I feel bad asking people to make stuff for me for free.

The obvious answer is that it can be challenging to manage a musical “career” while working a full time job. When I’m getting ready for something more intensive like the tour I’m going on at the end of the month it feels like I’m working 24/7 (with a lot of help mind you). Needless to say, my body is pretty angry with me right now.

Maybe the less obvious answer to that question is listening to people obsess over tropical vacations.

KC: What’s been on your mind lately?

RF: Too many things usually, but music wise I’ve been thinking a lot about what my plan is for the next year or two and how I’m going to find the resources to take time off work to write a new album.

Lifewise I spend a lot of time thinking about feminism. Lately that translates into being frustrated by transphobia, femmephobia, and the really weird obsession people have with exercising their right to free speech at all costs. I’ve been thinking about how to be a good ally, but also find a way to express some pent up rage. And by pent up I mean leaking everywhere.

A less serious one is trying to figure out how to acquire antique jewellery and star trek memorabilia without going broke.

KC: What do you like most/least about Saskatoon?

RF: I love being part of a community that is for the most part incredibly supportive. Going to a local event and getting to hug a bunch of your friends is a great feeling.

Least: That systemic racism is a major issue in our city.

A minor annoyance, but also the fact that the inside of my mouth feels like it’s coated in sand from all the street dust

KC: (from the Proust Questionnaire) Which talent would you most like to have?

RF: Witchcraft

You can find out more about Fern here: