Saskatoon, Treaty 6: Andy Sargent


(photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk)

Trivia mistress, quilt fashioner, my girl Andy represents Saskatoon this week. We met last summer when me and my pal Brent crashed her fiancé’s house party. We soon went on to form the least competitive cribbage club in the world.

KC: How did you get started organizing trivia?

AS: Four years ago I was fundraising to do a run in Iceland with Team Diabetes of the Canadian Diabetes Association. My friend Mark Ferguson had the idea to host a trivia night as a fundraiser. We did one and it went so well that we kept doing them! Two years ago we opened it up to other charities. So every month we work with a different charity and host a trivia night with them. They’re lots of fun. We have two coming up, March 19 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and April 2 for Paved Arts. 7:30pm at Amigo’s.

KC: What’s your day job?

AS: I work in marketing, specifically social media, at the University of Saskatchewan. My job is fun, I get to indulge my inner social media geek. It can be challenging to turn it off.

KC: Tell me about your quilts.

AS: Right now I mainly make baby blankets/quilts but I do some other small sewing projects when I can. I love fabric! Seeing a finished product is very satisfying. I like that sewing is creative but also analytical, it challenges me.

KC: Is your work currently on display anywhere?

AS: In select baby rooms and living rooms across Canada. And in my home.

KC: (From the Proust Questionnaire) What is your idea of perfect happiness?

AS: Brunch!