Saskatoon, Treaty 6: Evgenia Mikhaylova

photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk

photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk

Have you ever met someone so cool they seemed almost supernatural? That’s Russian-born visual artist and costume designer, Evgenia. I’d always see her around looking like some impossibly fashionable vampire, sucking on a Djarum.It was really nice getting to know her and chatting about art and ideas.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I'm working on costumes and stage/props for SUM theatre production of Hercules. The play happens in parks all over Saskatoon for three weeks starting July 3rd and you can come have a pick nick and immerse yourself in the different kind of world. It’s free family friendly show that has tons of surprises. Without revealing too much I can say that this one is a multi sensory treat.
I am also working on the second part of my solo art show Common Sense (the first part happened this spring) that involves smell and visual art. I created visual portraits of people and places based on the smells that they represent. It’s a concept I can’t quite leave behind yet, that continues to inspire me.

What is important to you?

The ability to let your wildest ideas roam around this world, sweeping people off their feet on its way to wonderful chaos of surprising thoughts

What is your day job?

My day job consists of designing a local alt magazine Planet S As well as being a freelance designer I am production designer and illustrator. I enjoy working creatively in various areas of design and my job gives me an outlet for that. Also doesn’t hurt that you work with amazing team of people there. It’s always inspiring and challenging at the same time, which I find very important especially in the design field. I always have to be challenged and feel like I’m growing and learning from the experience. Working with various clients is super fun and doesn’t leave you bored of the same type of work. From bands albums to logo design , it’s challenging to switch your brain but then I like twitching those nobs all the time…

What do you like most/least about Saskatoon?

Saskatoon is an amazing place for working on your dreams. It gives me focus and plenty of freedom in creating new opportunities for projects. The place is full of amazing people that you can really connect with. Being small it has an advantage of narrowing to the core of your desires and challenges to create your own path. Same goes for the other side of this spectrum. Sometimes you feel like to get inspired you need to get out of your own juice and get out for a while. I always have to travel somewhere once in a while to refresh my perspective.

What is your impression of Regina?

Regina seems like a smaller version of our creative bubble… Quieter but tighter existence of unique lives that we here don’t know enough about.

(From Proust Questionnaire) What is your motto?

If you can’t convince them, confuse them :)