Saskatoon, Treaty 6: Jon Vaughn


(photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk)

Repping Saskatoon this week is visual artist/muscician Jon Vaughn.  Here is a little interview we did in his basement:

JS: Could you tell me a bit about what you’re currently working on/where your work is currently on display?

JV: Sure! I just took down an exhibit at a gallery named BAM in Saskatoon on Sunday that I collaborated on with a group of interesting artists assembled by my friend Dave Stonhouse. Before that I had an solo exhibit in the project space at AKA gallery alongside Dominique Petrin’s The Living Room and other displays from September into October of last year, which also resulted in a collaboration between her and I that was released in conjunction with the latest Blackflash magazine.

Currently I’m beginning projects with a few other art institutions in my hometown of Saskatoon, and am preparing for the tour of a project I co-curated with an Italian peer of mine, Enrico Pitzianti, named Guardie III.

In addition to my exhibits, I am working on new illustrations for publications such as Super Structure and Lazer Quest both based out of Paris, France and about to launch a new zine with my own publishing house Ecstasy Editions which is a split between an artist from Taipei, Taiwan named Chou Yi and myself. There are other projects, collaborations and commissions which are also in the works that I am not at liberty to discuss yet.

JS: I’m always curious about what artists do to pay da bills. What's your day job?

JV: During the day I work as a graphic designer and screen printer for Tucker’s T-shirts. I make custom designs and touch up graphics that clients send us, as well as screen print many of the orders. We print on t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants, underwear, hats, fabric, canvas, and paper in addition to making stickers and banners with vinyl decal for windows, signs, vehicles and so forth.

Working in this context allows me to use and expand on my creative skill set while gaining critical experience working with a diverse range of people and equipment/tools. It always stimulates my mind and keeps me on my toes.

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