Saskatoon, Treaty 6: Keith Doepker


(photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk)

It was extra special to shoot Keith in his home, because he lives in a building I’ve always wanted to see the inside of. He resides there with his cat, Olive. I think he looks like a young sexy Santa in this photo.

KC: What are you working on right now? Future plans?

KD: I’m a guitarist in the band Shooting Guns. Right now we are preparing for the Junos. We were nominated for the best Metal/Hardrock album of the year and are headed to Hamilton to spread the word, maybe play a show or two, and generally foul the spot up. The band is always recording and this last year has been our busiest to date. We’ve got split 12inch records coming out with Zaum from Moncton and Hawkeyes from Kitchener/Waterloo. Beyond that is some sort of secret that even we don’t know so stay tuned. On a personal note I’m working on some solo stuff that may come out in the next while. More in an exotica/surf vein, but slower the you’re thinking. Even slower than that.

KC: What’s your day job?

KD: I drive for a company that manufactures metal siding and decking. I love to drive and Saskatchewan’s a beautiful place so win win.

KC: (From the Proust Questionnaire) Where would you most like to live?

KD:  I guess that I love living in Saskatoon. If I wanted to live somewhere else I would do that. Saskatoon has always been home to me. I have amazing friends and family here and the city has always treated me well. The music scene is incredible and the support you get from other musicians as well as music lovers is crazy. Lots of bigger cities don’t have that, and maybe never could because of so much going on. I enjoy traveling but always love coming home!

KC: (From the Proust Questionnaire) What do you most value in friends?

KD: Somehow I’ve managed to collect probably the best group of friends and acquaintances a person could ask for. Hard to say what makes a good friend or relationship because I feel like different people are in our lives for different reasons at different times. I guess kindness, honesty, sense of humor, as well as consistency are fairly big for me. I love people who are down for your worst and will call you on the garbage, enjoy you at your best, and be there for the rest.

You can find out more about Shooting Guns here: